New Years Greetings!

Blessed New Year, Brothers and Sisters,

What will happen during 2017? No one knows. Just as when a man and a woman marry and pledge themselves to one another. Not knowing what the future will hold a moment from then to decades from then, the wonderful mystery is that they will love one another no matter what will happen. It is the one constant on which they can rely: that they will love one another. That trust, that faith is what binds them together and reinforces them despite of or because of the challenges and rewards of life. Love is a gift of God. Indeed, Love is God Himself, and “Love never ends” [1Corinthains 13].

This is the message Emmanuel came to remind an empty, selfish world. When we love one another, there is no room for selfishness; life is filled to capacity with generosity. There is no room for sin; life is full of goodness. Sad depression is overcome with the joy of relationships, and that begins with our relationship with God exemplified by the way we love one another. How often Jesus the Christ taught that and practiced it during his journey on this planet!

People of all ages from the youngest to the most elderly, from the healthy to the suffering constantly search for happiness and fulfillment only to come up empty because generous love has been shut out by selfishness: the “I” and the “me” instead of the “us.”

So many people including Christians find their lives dull, boring and sad. Even in church during the holy Sacrifice of the Mass people seldom smile reflecting the joy of being in the sacramental and communal Presence of God. One can only imagine, then, what must be the atmosphere outside of the Church, in the streets and in the homes. How uplifting it would be to see happy expressions on other’s faces!

“Emmanuel” means “God is with us.” Remembering Him in our lives is the key to happiness. Conscious of the Lord’s Presence every minute eliminates all fear and worry. Whatever happens during 2017 and beyond will be joyous and heaven on earth. A Blessed New Year!

In Christ’s service,


Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Zamorski







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