" What I have done is give you and example;
as I have done, so you must do."
Jn 13:15


                 Bishop: Most Rev. James F. Checchio J.C.D., M.B.A.

   Bishop Emeritus: Most Rev. Paul G. Bootkoski D.D.

                  Rector: Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Zamorski

      Parochial Vicar: Rev. Gerard Paderon

      Parochial Vicar: Rev. John Kavas

         In Residence: Rev. Edmund Luciano, III

       Deacon: J.P. Saggese
       Deacon: Rick Fortune
       Deacon Emeritus: Frank J. Cammarano
       Deacon Emeritus: Paul G. Licameli.
       Deacon Emeritus: Guido J. Brossoni
       Deacon Emeritus: Ed Olegario, M.D.


See any Sunday Bulletin for Additional information


Rectory - 32 Elm Avenue, Metuchen, NJ 08840

 Exec. Assistant: Kara Kwiatkowski

                 hours: Mon. - Fri., 9 AM to 5 PM

                phone: (732) 548-0100
fax: (732) 549-1033


Church - 548 Main Street, Metuchen, NJ 08840   (Next to Cathedral School)

Lady Adoration Chapel - 45 Library Place, Metuchen, NJ 08840 (Parking Lot entrance)


School - 528 Main Street, Metuchen, NJ 08840

   principal: Mrs. Barbara Stevens

       phone: (732) 548-3107


CYO Hall - 521 Main Street, Metuchen, NJ 08840

       phone: (732) 548-5690


Cathedral Community Room - Library Place, Metuchen, NJ 08840

     location: Lower Level of the Cathedral

       phone: (732) 321-9604

        name: St. Francis Room (adjacent to Community Room)


Gift Shop - NOW CLOSED - Thank you Elaine  Buehler for your many years of faithful service.

Mary Meeting Room
- 32 Elm Avenue, Metuchen, NJ 08840 (Rectory side door)


Parish Center Meeting Rooms - 45 Library Place (Use Side Door)

        name: Mercy Solarium, Joseph Room, Blessed John Paul II Room, St. John Bosco Room



Religious Education - 45 Library Place (Use Side Door)

     director: Debra Schurko PCL

       phone: (732) 548-0100 x226



Business Manager

        David Liantonio


Finance Council

        chair: George Trapp

Parish Pastoral Council

        chair: Ed Williamson


Music Ministry

     director: Thom DeLessio

       phone:  (732) 548-0100   ext. 235

     Wedding Information



     director: Sarah Sharlow

       phone: (732) 548-0100 ext. 306


Social Ministry - 45 Library Place, Metuchen, NJ 08840

     director: Josepha Flanigan

       phone: (732) 548-0100 ext. 225


Co-ordinated Ministries

     Contact: Cheryl Saggese

       phone: (732) 548-0100 x307


Evangelization Ministry

     Contact: Ralph Quaglia

       phone: (732) 548-0100


CYO Website


Youth Ministry (High School)

     director: Sr. Maria Lan Nguyen

      contact: (732) 548-0100

Youth Ministry (Middle School)

     director: Sr. Maria Lan Nguyen

       phone: (732) 548-0100



     (See page 2 of the weekly bulletin for up-to-date contact information.)


Advocate for the Disabled

     coord: Jane Conlon


Adult Acolytes

     coord: John Grigo


Altar Servers

     coords: Deacon J.P. Saggese, Rev. Gerard (Gerry) Paderon, and Ken Schreck


CYO Board

     coord: Kevin Blake


Eucharistic Adoration

      coord:  Cheryl Saggese & Marie D'Amico
scheduling: Marie D'Amico 

Eucharistic Ministers

      coord: Cheryl Saggese

      See Bulletin


      coord: Robert/Susan Riolo

      See Bulletin



      coord: Jerry LaPointe



      coord: Thomas Hansen



SOCIAL MINISTRY     (548-0100 x311)


     contact: Jessie Flynn


Elizabeth Ministry

     contact: Josepha Flanigan


Friendly Visitors 
     contact: Josepha Flanigan


Interfaith Network of Care

     contact: Josepha Flanigan


Ozanam (Provide-A-Meal) Committee

     contact: Josepha Flanigan


Pieta - Prenatal Ministry to Moms

     contact: Pam or JoAnne   phone: 548-0100 x225




     contact: Elaine Yunker



Separated / Divorced

     contact: Vicki Caterino


Natural Family Planning

           info: (732) 651-8084, ext. 11    hotline: (800) 334-0699


     (See page 2 of the weekly bulletin for up-to-date contact information.)


Adult Faith Formation

      contact: Dcn. Ken Hamilton


Cathedral Choir (Folk Group)

      contact: Steve Kirbos


Cathedral Choirs 
     Adult, Youth (8 - high school), Junior (grades 3-7),
      Kids of the Kingdom (K - 2)

      contact: Thom DeLessio      phone: 548-0100 ext. 235


Catholic Singles

      contact: Marisa Busacca


Charismatic Prayer Group

      contact:  Pamela Gendlek

          meet: Thurs. 7:30 PM (Communion  Service, Generally 1st Thurs. of month, See Bulletin)
                     Thurs. 8:00 PM (Prayer Meeting -
Cathedral Com. Room)


Faith Sharing Groups (Bi-Weekly see Bulletin)

      contact: Carol Gerhold


Filipino / American Families

      contact: Juancho Ciocon


Historical Guild

      contact: Rod Altz


Home School Association (HSA)

      contact: Jenn Cascio / Kathleen Gwozdz


Knights of Columbus

      contact: See  Local # 3272 Council website

Legion of Mary

      contact: Rod Altz

          meet: Wed. 8:00 PM  (Upper Room - Parish Center)

"Little Angels" Sunday School (ages 4-k)

      contact: Trish Yelencsics

          meet: Sun. during 10:30 Mass  (Cathedral Community Room)

Marriage Encounter

      contact: Russ and Janet Baker


Marriage Prep

      contact: Pam Schleck


Men's Group

      contact: Tom Thomas 

          meet: Alternate Tuesdays 7:30 PM - See bulletin 
                   (Joseph Room - Parish Center)

Men's Lunch Group

      contact: Gene Corrigan


Mom's Group

      contact: Sandra Spinelli

          meet: Wed., 9:15 - 11 AM (Mary Room)
                     (During the school year)


Parish Greeters

      contact: Susan and Bob Riolo


Parish Prayer Tree

      contact: Belinda Coakes


Rosary Altar Society

      contact: Carmela Guarnera

          meet: 1st Sunday after the 10:30 AM Mass 
(Cathedral Community Room)


Scouts (Girls, Brownies, Daisies)

      contact: GSCS NJ Interest Format 800-582-7692


Scouts (Boys)

      contact: V.Saulys


Scouts (Cub)

      contact: Michael Quinn


Scripture Study 

     contact: Pat Morgan /C. Gerhold

         meet: Thur. 1:00 PM  (Joseph Room - Parish Center) or
                    Thur. 7:15 PM 
(Joseph Room - Parish Center)

Widows / Widowers' Group

      contact: Kathy Martucci


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