Cathedral Organ Restoration


Repair, Renovate, Restore

The St. Francis Cathedral Pipe Organ was installed in 1983.
After 34 years of service, our organ is in desperate need of repair, renovation, restoration...and your help!

The Facts

  • The organ is played at over 400 Masses and numerous rehearsals each year.
  • It serves the Cathedral Parish on a weekly basis, and the Diocese for Priest & Deacon Ordinations, Chrism Mass, and other special functions.
  • The pipe organ accompanies a multitude of choirs, cantors, and instrumentalists.
  • There are 1,889 pipes, 25 voices, 31 ranks, and 3 manuals (keyboards). 
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The Issues

  • In the 1980s, when our organ was custom built, a change in zinc manufacturing affected the pipe organ industry, resulting in weakened metal pipes.  As a result, MANY of our pipes need to be replaced and many others repaired.
  • 34 years of dust and incense necessitates the removal and cleaning of all pipes.
  • The original organ design allowed for pipe work that was never installed.  As a result, the organ has one string stop and is missing other stops that would be standard in an instrument serving a cathedral.
  • The pedalboard is completely worn from use.
  • The electrical system is in need of modernization, as technology has vastly changed over the last 34 years.

The Plan

  • The Console will be completely rebuilt, upgraded, and modernized.
  • The Windchests and bellows will be completely re-leathered, providing 30-40 years of reliable service.
  • The pipework and all related parts will be completely cleaned, and all compromised internal zinc pipes repaired or replaced.
  • The Trumpet and Oboe pipes will be completely replaced to correct the physical failure of the original zinc pipework, providing vastly-improved tonal resources and superior tuning stability.
  • New pipe racking and supports will be put in place to ensure stability.
  • The tonal pallet will be completed with new and updated voices to install grandeur and clarity.  When the restoration is completed, there will be 2,270 pipes, 32 voices, 36 ranks, and 3 manuals (keyboards).
  • Work is scheduled to begin June 2018 and estimated to be completed by the end of October 2018.

The Damage

Outdated Wiring Collapsing Trumpet Pipes Bending Pipes
Outdated Wiring
Collapsing Trumpet Pipes
Other Collapsing Pipes
Pipes with Strings
Damaged Pipe
Support System
More Damaged
Pipe Supports
Even More Damaged
Pipe Supports
Loose stoppers Worn Pedals
Loose Stoppers
Worn Pedals
  Restoration Begins  

Thank you to all donors!
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