R.E.A.P Remote Learning

   Welcome to the St. Francis Cathedral R.E.A.P.!  We hope you are having an enjoyable and safe summer and we look forward to growing in Christ with you and your family this summer.

As you are aware, this year R.E.A.P. will be an online learning model. The two websites that are being used are Catholic Brain and Our Sunday Visitor. We are using Alive in Christ from Our Sunday Visitor a series that our students are already familiar with. The students have lessons that follow a general format every day. Assignments are due by the end of the day, unless otherwise specified. 


Parent Overview for R.E.A.P 2020


Mass Attendance

-The envelopes previously used for Mass attendance are being discontinued until further notice. 

-Attending Mass is STILL A PROGRAM REQUIREMENT but, most importantly The Catholic Church teaches that you have an obligation to attend Mass every Sunday.

-Although physically attending Mass is still at limited capacity, watching it virtually on the parish webpage is highly recommended.   

-There will now be a Google Form that students will complete after Mass. 

-There are 2 levels of forms based on the student’s grade level attending R.E.A.P.  

                Mass Reflection Form for Grades 3-5

                Mass Reflection Form for Grades 6-8

*Submissions need to be sent in by Monday, as the responses will be cleared out after they are recorded.  

*Recording attendance will begin the weekend of July 19, 2020 and continue indefinitely. 


R.E.A.P 2021 Registration

Registration for R.E.A.P 2021 is going on now. This registration is for students who are currently enrolled in our program. Registration this year wil be an online form.  Registration Deadline is Monday, September 21st, 2020. Please reach out to the Religious Education Office to obtain a form.







Remote Learning Materials

Zoom Meeting 

Good Friday Session: Sunday, March 28th, 2020

Grades 3-8: Meeting Room 

Online Platform:

Catholic Brain: Log in

For Current 7th & 8th Graders

Stewardship Project Papers

Pre-Approved Service Project Opportunities

Parent's Corner:

Practicing Reverence:

Creating a Prayer Space with your Children : Raising Prayerful Kids

Creating a Prayer Space at Home: Building Faith



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Online Giving

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